Streamate reviews, RIPOFF or not?

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$1.49 to $5.00 depending on internet model you choose. Public chat is free though once you register.

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On May 25, 2015
Last modified:May 6, 2018


Streamate reviews we've read lacked much detail so we wrote our own based on REAL user experiences. We cover costs, tell you if streamate TV is free, and how it all works. Full features and prices in the review here.

Is Streamate a SCAM?


People throw around the term, ‘scam’ when something is not free way too often. Is it a scam that you have to pay for live entertainment? Of course not, it’s economics. What you want to know is where to get the best value for that entertainment. As you will read in our detailed reviews, the notion that streamate is a scam is utterly absurd. This is our #1 ranked adult webcam site in 2015 and here is why…

  • A. Lowest prices
  • B. Pay as you go model versus prepay
  • C. Most models
  • Streamate is the top adult cam site by a mile! (We should also mention that to be perfectly honest Streamate has been the best overall consumer value for nearly 5 years in this space. The reason why is other sites MAKE YOU BUY PACKAGES. When you do the math the cost per minute is much higher and it never makes sense to commit ahead of time to payment when platforms like Streamate let you pay at your own pace, as you go, or NOT AT ALL. Yes, FREE is free here. You register and leave a card on file and can stay in free chat and never pay them at all. If you do opt in for the live one on one private shows the price per minute is easy to see and totally understood by you before you go. That is the only way to do business when it comes to this form of entertainment.

How much does Streamate Cost?

(Please note this is a review of Streamate TV and since they are the same sites just with difference branding)

First off, before we go too deep, I want to share our approach to sharing writing Streamate reviews and how we approach sharing information on live adult webcam sites.

We don’t bad talk other sites to try to convince you of using Streamate. Our role is sharing the information and not making a decision for you. Therefore all our reviews are uniform and share the same metrics. For all live webcam site reviews we provide the same types of information. You are here to see if Streamate is safe, secure, and trustworthy and we hope to help you. You also probably want to know more about the basics functionality of Streamate aka Streamate TV (As advertised on commercials). Here is the commercial that you may have seen on TV.

Rather than a collection of generalizations, that is exactly what you will find here at Live Webcam Reviews. So let’s talk about costs and prices to use Streamate at or Streamate.TV.

Let's REALLY take a look. After you get the FACTS you can decide.
The FACTS you can decide.


How many models are on Streamate ?

You will find approximately 26,000 registered live webcam models on Streamate aka streamatetv. At any given minute you will see around 550 of these live. The numbers don’t vary much over the short term but as you will read on the about us page, we do update the live webcam reviews and rankings when their is a major shift in the entertainers from one site to another. Lately though streamate is adding models at a staggering pace as more and more people start using live webcams for adult. As far as the parent company that operates this site it is called FlyingCroc and they are based in Seattle Washington.


Is streamate tv really free or a scam?
Is streamate tv really free or a scam? Find out…

They also are one of the only U.S. based adult webcam business which is quite neat. Truthfully most live sex webcam sites call either Cyprus home due to lax laws or Switzerland for a more business friendly climate. As far as pricing and features there are tons of features on this cam site, more than any other single adult webcam site online as a matter of fact. Also yes this is a totally free adult webcam site with no monthly membership fee or other costs. All they have you do is leave a card on file to verify age. This way you can opt for private shows and at least they can have an opportunity to make a buck if they can earn it. It is a business after all so no harm done their. Something you may find surprising about streamate is just how many users they have. About 74 million people visit the site a month. We estimate that at least 8 million are members. That means that someone on your block right now is probably chatting on streamate

Tip: After you join stream a  show to a smart TV and it REALLY makes for a much better experience that is also great for couples.

How can I become a model on Streamate ?

Streamate is the top pick for most internet models because their brand powers as many sites as it does. As a model you get exposure to arguably more customers than anywhere else online. They hire gay and straight men, transsexuals, and nearly all females. You must be over 18 and have a decent internet connection. Registration is located here.

Does Streamate have a white label program?

Ignore this if you are not an affiliate marketing. If you are though I am sorry to say that Streamate no longer gives out white label sites but I should also explain that for affiliate marketers that is actually a good thing. Here is why: The truth is the brand streamate converts BETTER than all other white label programs. Test it against your current white label and you will see why. The truth is users come back at a much higher rate because they like how this site does business and how easy it is to use. Anyway, if affiliate marketing is your thing the affiliate program is shared below. If you REALLY want a white label site you should instead set one up here.

Screenshot of Streamate
Screenshot of Streamate


Does Streamate have a affiliate program?

Yes, Streamate also has an affiliate program. If you are not familiar with what an adult webcam affiliate program is it is merely a offering from the site to pay webmasters when they are able to send traffic to that specific sites. Likewise, you can learn more about that here.

Just like traffic signals, green means go, red means stop and return to the main live webcam reviews
KEY: Green = Go & Red = Stop

What others sites are like Streamate ?

This is the leading brand site but their are copycat sites like streamate with just different brands. While they are all safe it make the most sense to join the parent site called

Is it a legitimate site? Conclusion of our Streamate reviews:

Yes this is one of our top ranked adult webcam sites. This site is my personal favorite and top editor pick for the best live webcam site for 2015. The reasons why is from all three of the most important elements streamate has your back. First off the prices are really the lowest of all sex cam sites. Moreover the total convenience of not having to deal with tokens of what I call fake currency is a huge relief and I find it really helps me keep better track of my entertainment expenses. Lastly, selection is second to none and it beats the socks off other adult webcam sites when you the live shows on your mobile phone. Providing you have a decent calling plan the shows stream perfectly onto iPads, iPhones or whatever phone or tablet you are using. This site gets a BIG GREEN LIGHT for consistent value. You have to try streamate.