Best Webcam Affiliate Programs

Our insights into the best adult webcam affiliate programs for 2024 and beyond. We breakdown the reviews from the perspective of a webmaster and tell you which sex cam sites are paying the most and what programs to promote to your tube traffic or buy advertising for. There is no better resource for webmasters and affiliate marketers than our soon to be released guide on making money with adult webcam affiliate programs so check back…

As an affiliate marketer who has been active in adult webcam affiliate programs for more than a decade I can tell you that in this EXACT order, these are the Best Adult Cam Affiliate Program Offers!

Top 5  4 Adult Webcam Affiliate Programs

Top Adult Cam Affiliate Programs
Top Adult Cam Affiliate Programs

(We used to say top 5 but the truth is there are just 4 standout adult sex cam site affiliate programs. Of these just 1 is the standout!)

1. (*BEST OVERALLStreamate or Mtree is the affiliate program that powers the most sex cam sites in the world, from YouPorn to RedTube, the big boys use the best. You get a whopping 30% of all revenues for LIFE. Sure you can take 40.00 up front per registration but you’d be a fool to do that as, over time each user makes you on average around $600.00 each. REGISTER HERE.

2. I never thought I would live to say it but the #2 and nearly the top adult webcam affiliate program for 2024 has to be Chaturbate. You can register here. The opt-in rate is superior to all cam sites and people keep coming back and using the site for great service, excellent quality shows, and just a fun overall site. You can register for the Chaturbate affiliate program in minutes and get started referring traffic.

3. AWE or Adult Webmasters Empire is the goliath of sex cam sites but even with their larger size the users won’t keep coming back as long as they do on Streamate. Never the less, this is still a program you want in your arsenal. REGISTER HERE.

4. PussyCash is the parent or affiliate program that powers ImLive and Sexier. These are fine sites to promote but we suggest you take the PPS offer as it is one of the best adult webcam pps offers out there….and frankly users on this site don’t keep coming back near as long as they do on Streamate. (Offer #1 above) REGISTER HERE.

4. Flirt4Free, which recently moved from their old affiliate site at VideoSecrets is now located here. This is a great second adult cam site to promote because with higher prices, the law of average will produce some big spenders, commonly called WHALES in the Adult Cam Industry.  Flirt4Free affiliate program changed their rules in 2017 and reassigns past referrals to new affiliates as of 2018 after a period of inactivity. They appear to be flundering for traffic. Likewise, they stuffed this in their live webcam affiliate program with no clear communication to directly to affiliates (about such a major change) which we think is somewhat deceptive. As a result our we are not longer referring this cam site at the current time. Our affiliate earnings took a nose dive and with thousands of referred users most have mysteriously vanished.

Yes, we have used Bonga, DTICash, Chaturbate, CamPower, XcamsLove, and all the other adult cam affiliate programs and I can tell you with more than 10 years experience that in the order above, those are the best paying sites for the long term focused webmaster.

I would also add that the worst adult webcam affiliate programs where mysterious things happen are CamSense and CamsPower. Proceed with caution if your considering using either of those programs. Worst of all is the CamWithHer program which is frankly terrible.

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