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Live webcam site by LivePrivates:
Live webcam site reviews
$1.20 - $4.00 per minute which depends on the model selected. Prices are clearly marked before entering into a private version of chat with a model you select.

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On January 4, 2015
Last modified:December 11, 2023


The live webcam site that has more users than even youporn is called LiveJasmin or but is it safe and more importantly does it offer the best value to users. Read our experiences as we compare this and other live sex cam sites. Details here in the full reviews.

Is liveprivates a SCAM?

After using all the top live webcam sites for adults we set out to share our experiences. The good, the bad, and the ugly. The site under discussion today is merely called LivePrivates which is located at We will discuss how it all works in this review.

How much does liveprivates Cost?

First off I want to share our approach to sharing live private reviews. We don’t bad talk other sites to try to convince you of using live privates. Our role is to share the information and not make a decision for you. Therefore all our reviews are uniform and share the same metrics. For all live webcam site reviews, we provide the same types of information.

How does it REALLY cost for shows here...
How does it REALLY cost for shows here…

You are here to see if liveprivates is safe, secure, and trustworthy. You also probably want to know more about the basic functionality of liveprivates as well as what this particular live webcam site offers as far as features. Rather than a collection of generalizations, that is exactly what you will find here at Live Webcam Reviews So let’s talk about the costs and prices of our liveprivates reviews.

What you can expect to pay. The sister site of liveprivates is called aka LiveJasmin and that review is here. Here is a video of YoungTurks discussing this site. They are correct that the most popular live webcam site on earth is in fact this site.

Let's REALLY take a look. After you get the FACTS you can decide.
The FACTS you can decide.

As you can see live sex cams are a HUGE deal these days and truth be told they are the secret sex habit of millions of people. So the site mentioned that 2.5% of all internet users in the world using their site are called LiveJasmin or Jasmin, same thing. You can try it here.

How many models are on liveprivates?

You will find approximately 35,000 internet models on liveprivates and their sister sites; sometimes more and sometimes less as models do tend to try out many adult cam sites.

That is a virtual army of women, men, and transgender internet models with all different personalities and looks performing in all corners of the globe. At any given time expect to see 300 or so girls and guys live. The numbers don’t vary much over the short term but as you will read on the about us page, we do update the live webcam reviews and rankings when there is a major shift in the entertainers from one site to another.

How can I become a model on liveprivates?

Getting all set up to be a model at this site is very simple. The best recommendation we can make is also one of the largest. Information on that can be located here.

Does liveprivates have a white-label program?

Yes. Details of the liveprivates white label program are located here. (It is operated by AWE) Do realize sometimes we direct you to the best white-label programs in the case where other programs do better.

If you are a consumer wanting to try this site though use this link…


Does liveprivates have an affiliate program?

Yes, liveprivates also has an affiliate program. If you are not familiar with what an adult webcam affiliate program is it is merely an offering from the site to pay webmasters when they are able to send traffic to that specific site. Likewise, you can learn more about that here. (This affiliate program also pays very well if you have a dating site or adult tube site to push lots of traffic from)

Just like traffic signals, green means go, red means stop and return to the main live webcam reviews
KEY: Green = Go & Red = Stop

What others sites are like liveprivates?

This main live adult webcam site does not have other sites that operate in exactly the same fashion except for other sites operated under the same company. However, I suggest you browse our live webcam reviews section here for other sites to see how they compare with respect to features and costs. We cover just the most discussed and best overall live sex cam sites so we are very careful in the sites we suggest.

Is it a legitimate site? Conclusion of our liveprivates  reviews:

One of the better sex cam sites online due to the extensive selection and low prices. Really you cannot go wrong at this site. You are given a lot of entertainment for what would think would be quite expensive. IT’S AVERAGE TO RUN INTO MODELS CHARGING UNDER $2.00 PER MINUTE. Therefore, for a private 10-minute show, you can come away having spent less than $20.00 which is really not bad for some evening fun at home. Also, joining is free all you have to do is commit to a 1-time purchase of the smallest credits which is about 10 dollars. We have never had any issues here and everything is very clearly marked. There are never any other fees either at LivePrivates.


3.4/5 - (33 votes)
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