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Flirt4Free Reviews, Worth Joining or Not?

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Flirt4Free Reviews
Average $3.50 per minute depending on model

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On November 22, 2015
Last modified:December 11, 2023


Information on with costs as well as honest reviews about features. See how Flirt4Free adult webcams stack up versus other top adult cam sites. Hint: It's not a scam and we are members, but it's also not the last place for the best deals on hot cam girls shows!

We break down the costs and value for dirty webcam chat at the live webcam sex site called Flirt4Free here. Our detailed flirt4free reviews cover this cam site in and out.

Is Flirt4Free a Good Cam Site?

The live webcam site called Flirt4Free is one of the oldest cam sites online but it’s also one of the highest-cost cam sites online. What sets this adult cam chat community apart is they filter out freeloaders and charge a bit more for the show.

Doing so makes for a more intimate setting and in the eyes of many makes a very unique user experience.

With that said, I have become less and less keen on flirt4free over the past year. Going into 2024, looking out at the landscape of options for adult video chat I am not sure I can in good faith recommend this cam site much longer. I go more into detail on why below.

Read on for the reviews for 2024

How much does Flirt4Free Cost?

Before we get too far ahead of ourselves let me mention that we apply the same metrics to each site and remain neutral in our reviews. We focus on the facts and then give users tools to share their own experiences.

Is Flirt4Free a good cam site?
Is Flirt4Free a good cam site?

This adult webcam chat site does have some stunning female cam models and super hot gay guys on cams but they also tend to price themselves out.

As noted above, we’ve experienced an average cost for live sex cams here that is often 30% higher than other cam sites without much of any reason why.

If you are worried about seeing gay cams mixed in with females, do not worry as they do an excellent job at segmenting gays and females on cam.

Since the site uses credits you will need to do a little mental math to see what your true costs are in order to make sure you are comfortable with the price per minute at

Expect most cam models at this live sex cam site to charge about $4.25 per minute. Again, yes in fact there are many very, very high-quality cheaper cam sites out there where the quality user experience and level of extremely stunning models are the same or better.

For example, is just one of those cam sites.

So again the REAL costs come in at around $4.25 per minute. Again that is nowhere near the lowest costs of sex cams.

While there are many serious cam models at this site who are for the most part centered on delivering legitimate live adult webcam entertainment, paying a lot more for the same you can get for less at a different cam site is maybe not advisable.

Our #1 ranked cam site is and we would suggest you first that that cam site. Our Streamate reviews are here and as you will read, the selection is much wider, the billing methods better, and the costs much lower on average at that cam site.

Let's REALLY take a look. After you get the FACTS you can decide.
The FACTS you can decide.

How many models are on Flirt4Free?

This live webcam site is operated by a company called VS Media. Going into 2024 there are now over 13,000 models registered at The top volume is in the winter. This site has mostly studio models versus independent models and many of these are from Romania and Columbia. However, there are also a smaller number of American and European internet models here too.

Screenshot of Flirt4Free homepage:

Screenshot of Flirt4Free homepage
Screenshot of Flirt4Free homepage

Does Flirt4Free have an affiliate program?

Again, yes. The affiliate program though gives us even more insights into this cam site and we can share that users tend to register and then simply vanish after using this cam site a few times. Our hunch is they discover the other cam sites we mentioned above.

Webmasters are compensated between 25%-32% of the money spent from traffic sent to the site, but they have a system that now reassigns affiliate referred spenders to other affiliates as well if the user is not active for a period of time and then returns. This is not a wise way to operate an affiliate system as it takes sales from the original source that first shared the site.

Accordingly, we no longer refer to the Flirt4Free affiliate program. You can try to the site at the link below but our advice would be to stick with the top 5 cam sites.


Just like traffic signals, green means go, red means stop and return to the main live webcam reviews
KEY: Green = Go & Red = Stop

What other sites are like Flirt4Free?

Besides the WL sites that are under flirt4free, there really are no other sites just like Flirt4Free. However, our other two top-ranked adult webcam sites are and

Is it a legitimate site? Conclusion of our  reviews:

You can rest easy when you use this live webcam site for adults in that they are legitimate and safe; just expensive. There is very transparent billing and millions of members have used for over a decade. It is considered to be among the top 10 adult webcam sites in the industry for 2024.

If you like Flirt4Free but want an alternate site that may be a bit cheaper we suggest you read the reviews as well.

Flirt4Free in our opinion is just too costly and has lost many users as a result of that.


2.8/5 - (41 votes)
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