5 Most Popular Live Sex Models

Today we are delving into the world on live sex cams from the perspective of the top entertainers. These are the most popular cam girls on the planet who perform in live sex shows in all corners of the globe. Clearly, with more than 500,000 women registered as internet models there is much debate on the top cam girls.

However, what we did was just include women who perform HD live sex cams shows and limit the scope of our list to the most widely known cam girls on just the most famous live sex cams sites. Our goal was to showcase the leading live sex models.

List of the Most Famous Cam Girls

  1. If you are after some super eroticHD live sex AprilChase from Livejasmin has not just a exuberant and fun personality but the stunning moves to get your motor going.

AprilChase is one of the top live sex models.
2. Internet models don’t get much more beautiful than jullies27 nor do their HD sex cam shows get more graphic. Specializing in live fetish video chat and jerk off instruction, the performer has thousands of cam shows under her belt.

Known for fetish video chat jullies27 is a top cam girl.

3. In the world of sex cams no name is more synonymous with live orgasms than MiaWhite, which is remarkable considering she is just a 21 year old college girl masturbating for a living online.

Cam girl MiaWhite is among the most famous live sex models.

4. Known for incredibly naughty HD sex cams fantasy shows like role playing and even real live squirting orgasms, cam girl SkinnyBunnny is a favorite with millions of guys in all parts of the world.

SkinnyBunnny is a popular live sex model from LiveJasmin.

5. Glans on Streamate.com has become a sensation of sorts gaining hundreds of thosuands of fans since starting as a cam girl just over a year ago. She’s all of 20 years old but a star live sex model already!

Glans has become a live sex cam star in just over a year.

If you are looking for the most popular destinations for live HD sex online, considering checking out live hd sex cams. We’ve tried all the top HD sex cam sites and written reviews that details how each sites works here.

Streamate Customer Loyalty (REWARDS) Program

Even many advanced users of Streamate adult webcam chat site may not be aware of how the customer rewards program works. It is called REWARDS and each time you have a premium show you earn points based on the money spent. This tallies up over time and helps you reach the next level of Streamate REWARDS. Streamate rewards get more valuable as you progress up in levels. We are currently level 8 out of 10 levels. At our current level we regularly see a sizeable portion of the money we spend come back in the form of credits for future adult webcam shows.  Here is what appears on your screen when you click account

Streamate rewards - how it works!
Streamate rewards – how it works!

Streamate Rewards Level 8

“This program is designed to reward our valued customers for their usage and loyalty to our services. There are ten reward levels, Level 10 being the highest level that can be obtained. The rewards are issued as credits that can be used toward future usage. The amount of rewards increase with each level reached.” Review the “Discounts / Credits” section above to see you if have any available credits. (THIS APPEARS UNDER YOUR ACCOUNT TAB) 

When the REWARDS PROGRAM started

The Streamate Rewards Program started back in September of 2008. The more shows you buy the more you get back. The program is so lucrative that one you reach level 10, a full 10% of the money you spent is given back to you in rewards or free time for future shows.

The Streamate Rewards Levels

  • Rewards Level Requirements Discount
  • Rewards Level 1 At least a 2-minute session 3 different days 1%
  • Rewards Level 2 At least a 2-minute session 15 different days 2%
  • Rewards Level 3 At least a 2-minute session 30 different days 3%
  • Rewards Level 4 At least a 2-minute session 45 different days 4%
  • Rewards Level 5 At least a 2-minute session 60 different days 5%
  • Rewards Level 6 At least a 2-minute session 120 different days 6%
  • Rewards Level 7 At least a 2-minute session 180 different days 7%
  • Rewards Level 8 At least a 2-minute session 240 different days 8%
  • Rewards Level 9 At least a 2-minute session 300 different days 9%
  • Rewards Level 10 At least a 2-minute session 360 different days 10%


Streamate rewards is the best adult webcam customer loyalty program from the top site online for free live sex webcams; streamate. Also make sure to read our list of the Top 5 cam Sites!


ImLive.com Reviews – An Ascent or a Decline?

In our ImLive.com reviews we share the process involved in using this adult webcam sex site and what the true costs are association with the site. imlive.com reviews

Our Test and Reviews of ImLive

ImLive according to Alexa traffic statistics currently ranks globally in 3rd place for the top adult chat site in the webcams space. We used this site for over 6 months as a part of our test and then compared our experiences here to that of other adult webcam chat sites. The findings are below. It should be noted that ImLive.com is one site that we still use to this day.

How much do adult webcam shows cost at ImLive.com?

Average Price Per Minute at ImLive was $2.49. That being said we founvisit-websited models charging as little as 99 cents and some charging as much as $4.50.

Screenshot of ImLive.comimlive webcams site home page screen shot.

How many models are on ImLive.com

ImLive has more than 48,000 registered models and for more than a decade they have been in the top 3 adult webcam sites. Many other branded sites actually are white labels of ImLive. They also operate cobrands which are CamsCreative, Sexier.com, Supermen.com as well as a few others. While those sites may look different they are in fact just ImLive.com and operated by the same parent company.

Area the site can improve:

ImLive is a smorgasboard of sex in that you find international women and men from all corners of the globe. However, the selection of American girl-next-door types does suffer a bit and for those that love verbal stimulation there are arguablly sites with more selection.


Notable Features of ImLive

  • House of Games: A fun way o interact with sexy webcam girls and find the latest new webcam models.
  • Totally Free Chat: ImLive has free sections but you are of course at a premium site and as they say you get what you pay for.
  • Up Close Views: As a genuine private centered adult webcams site ImLive focuses on features that premium site users want and not the voyuer type experiences. This is a classic example. The zooming ability on ImLive is simply the best of all live cam sites for adults. You can get a million different angles with their advanced zoom functionality.


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KEY: Green = Go & Red = Stop

What others sites are like ImLive?

Imlive is totally original and has long been a market leader in cams for adults. You get what you pay for here and there is no tricks and private as in REAL PRIVATE high end sex chat on webcams is what you get at ImLive. Realize ImLive unlike Chaturbate (review at that link) and BongaCams.com (review at that link) is a totally private chat site while the other two are more voyeur sites.

Conclusion of our ImLive.com reviews

ImLive is hands down the price leader offering low prices for adult webcam sex shows. It’s cheaper than Flirt4Free (review at that link) and LiveJasmin (review at that link). Also the selection at ImLive is always vast.




Chaturbate – Real Neutral Reviews

Looking for neutral 3rd party reviews on Chaturbate.com? We have become members of all the top sex chat sites both premium and freemium and documented are expereinces. Read the full Chaturbate reviews below. We share the process involved in using Chaturbate adult webcam sex site and what the true costs are association with the site.Chaturbate reviews

Our Test & Reviews of Chaturbate

According to Alexa traffic stats Chaturbate has been on a tear from about 135th slot to 5th overall globally among all the most visited sex chat sites.  Part of this success is attributable two two factors. Chaturbate allows open access for all to chat. That is not to say that this is a good thing. What this has lead to is a site where private shows rarely happen. Thus Chaturbate has become the top site for being a voyeur. We’re not knocking it so much as we are making the obvious observation. The other factor that has made Chaturbate very popular is the OhMibod which lets tippers control vibrations via sex toys that are literally inside the vaginas of the performers on screen. This is known as teledildonics and Chaturbate was the first to truly succeed at getting people to tip with teledildonics.

How much do adult webcam shows cost at Chaturbate?

Average Price Per Minute at Chaturbate was $3.79. However, it did suprise us to see that many models charge upwards and 90 credits per minute making chaturbate one of the more expensive sites for real live private adult webcam chat. Considering the voyeur cams are open to all and give the perception that Chaturbate is a cheap adult cam site, we thought the high costs on average for private shows was a bit odd.

However, once you understand Chaturbate by using the site for awhile you understand that most of the models here are not focused on private webcam shows; or at least that was our perception. They are instead focused on entertaining larger groups for pooling of tips; a fact that does mean the chaturbate user experience is just radically different than most top adult webcam sites.

Screenshot of Chaturbatechaturbate.com

How many models are on Chaturbate

Chaturbate, unlike ImLive.com (a truly private show centered cam site) actually has near 110,000 registered models but the truth is not as many stick around and oftentimes exhibitionists register to model at Chaturbate and never again return.

Another area Chaturbate has really excelled is in PR. They sponsor tons of events and they have a massive Twitter following. They are the only adult webcam site with a Twitter account that has more than 100,000 followers.

Area the site can improve:

Chaturbate needs to refine the mobile experience. The site is very difficult to use on tablets and smart phones. Near impossible is a better way to describe it. That being said the apps they offer are really unique.  A comparable site that has a better mobile experience and better private shows but is similiar to Chaturbate is CamSoda. (review at that link)


How chaturbate works
How chaturbate works

Notable Features of Chaturbate

  • Liberation of the Cam Models / Freedom to Share: Chaturbate does not even buy traffic, they actually sell traffic. How they accomplish this is cam models are encouraged to share their social media channels and the traffic the site gets is from cam models sharing their shows on content across the web via social media, their own websites, and content sharing sites.
  • Apps and Bots: Chaturbate is a geeks wet dream. The whole site is a masterpeice of developer know-how from a broadcaster perspective. Models have tons of userful goal bots and apps they can add that attach to their pages. No other cam site has ever attempted or succeeded to do what Chaturbate has. With that being said Chaturbate does not really offer what the other top adult webcam sites do. Streamate (review at that link) for example is centered around truly private adult webcam experience. That is not something you really find in the traditional sense at Chaturbate.


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What others sites are like Chaturbate?

BongaCams.com (review at that link) as far as other voyeur sex chat sites would be the only site we can say is close to or like Chaturbate. That being said BongaCams has way fewer American webcam girls. Most of the models at BongaCams are from either Russia or Eastern Europe.

Conclusion of our Chaturbate.com reviews

Chaturbate is a top cam site for adults but only for those who enjoy the strip club atmosphere. After all that is what chaturbate duplicates. For those who want private interaction and two way discussion with sex cam shows it would be wise to read our Flirt4Free reviews and our LiveJasmin reviews. Either of those are alternatives that may suit you better as far as providing a more intimate and erotic webcam experience.




BongaCams Reviews – Really a Top Site?

Welcome to the BongaCams.Com reviews where we share our experiences on the top adult webcam chat site BongaCams. Below we have shared a general overview of how BongaCams.com works and what this adult webcams chat site is like.

Our Test and Reviews of BongaCams.com

First off, BongaCams is a freemium site meaning voyeurs who like the environment of a strip club will like the feel of the site. Like Chaturbate (review at that link) everyone at the site can see your username and your comments. This is unlike premium only sites which provide a more private experience. Sites such as Flirt4Free (review at that link) or LiveJasmin (review at that link)

How much do adult webcam shows cost at BongaCams?

Average Price Per Minute at BongaCams.com was $2.45. However, the vast of models were from poor European countries, no pornstars were active (at least when we visited the site), and very few if any American webcam girls were online.visit-website

Screenshot of BongaCams.comBongaCams.com home page

How many models are on BongaCams.com

BongaCams is said to have somewhere around 13,000 registered models in total. About 120 models are active at peak time and less than 45 in slower times.

Area the site can improve:

BongaCams.com needs to get more English speaking live webcam girls if they are to become a go to sex cams site in the U.S.. Yes, it is one of the most popular Russian adult webcams sites but that user experience does not always translate. With that being said we do really enjoy the sites deep functionality. The other con of this site is the complex registration process. It’s not as fast as CamSoda or Streamate.


Notable Features of BongaCams

  • Model of the Week: Find the top models along the left column.
  • Depth of Categories: BongaCams.com has more categories listed and deeper niche navigation than most other adult webcam sites.
  • Spy Mode: Peer in on other private shows without the model knowing.
  • Model History: See your past shows and easily go back and see which of your past models are online now.


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What others sites are like BongaCams?

BongaCams.com is like a Russian version of Chaturbate (review at that link) geared to be more of a voyeur sex cams site. CamSoda (review at that link) is also a site like BongaCams.com. It should also be noted that SheWebcams.com is operated by BongaCams.com as well.

Conclusion of our BongaCams reviews

BongaCams.com is a fun site and in the top 10 sex cam sites, but it’s not in the top p5 for American users.  It’s cheaper than say a Flirt4Free (review at that link) and about the same price on average as LiveJasmin (review at that link) but the private user experience suffers as does the selection of English speaking webcam girls.


CamSoda Reviews, How It Works

Our Test and Reviews of CamSoda?

camsoda reviewsToday we are sharing our experiences using CamSoda.com. We will be discussing the show prices, costs, features, general information about how CamSoda works in our CamSoda.com reviews.  First, tet’s talk about the prices for live sex webcam shows on CamSoda as that is one of the first aspects users want to know about when they are considering trying a new site.

How much do adult webcam shows cost at CamSoda.com?

CamSoda does lots of marketing via social media on Twitter with major American porn stars.
CamSoda does lots of marketing via social media on Twitter with major American porn stars.

Average price per minute at CamSoda for us was $3.07. How we came to that figure was simply doing a 5 minute show with the first 3 performers listed on the home page and then dividing the total by 15 minutes. While that is not a perfect science it’s a pretty fair representative sample to ascertain the average prices of CamSoda.com.

CamSoda, like almost all adult cam sites allows the models to set their own prices per minutes. Likewise, CamSoda is also powered by tokens and most would consider it a freemium site by the focus around having multiple people in shows whereby tipping in the show is encouraged rather than guests being immediately encouraged into private shows. Open chat is more prevalent than private 1-on-1 shows on CamSoda. With that being said private shows are possible and the sites functionality makes it feel as though private shows were not a second thought. This is one of the first positive things we noted when we tried CamSoda.com. The site is very well laid out and the bright colors and clean interface make it a joy to navigate the site.

Moreover, features and the corresponding buttons are also very intuitively placed within the site. We discuss more about those features and functions of this adult webcams website below.

What’s it like when you sign-up and first use CamSoda?

camsoda registration processIn order to start having two way adult chat on webcam you have to choose a username and password, enter your email, and simply verify your email. You will then see this screen asking, ” Do you want to add token now?”

Assuming you do, you click yes. Then you see this menu of costs / values for tokens.CamSoda token costs

CamSoda token costs and values are:

  • 100 Token are free and YOU DO NOT have to buy 100 to get the first 100 free!
  • 200 tokens normally will cost $20.99 when you rebuy them next time.
  • 500 tokens cost $39.99.



There is a membership option but it is optional and we suggest you wait to buy it or pass altogether. Just get the credits at first so you can use the site. The advanced membership at $19.99 per month is not neccessary to use the live webcams at CamSoda. All you get with this upgrade is removal of ads and some slight discount on credits. Sure, later on if you use the site often enough do get this membership but to start with so you can test and try the site stick with the free credits package. You can see below from the Terms of Service screenshot that this first promotion package of 100 credit is in fact free.

CamSoda free credits are free if you read the tos there is no charge for the first 100 credit. You must though click that option.
CamSoda free credits are free if you read the tos there is no charge for the first 100 credit. You must though click that option. Also it does not auto-renew.

Screenshot of CamSoda.com

camsoda.com screenshot of home page.
camsoda.com screenshot of home page.

How many models are on CamSoda?

Our estimates based on surveying the site over many months are the CamSoda has around 3,000 total registered models. At most times of the day you will see about 45-70 models live on cam. It seems that there are a plethora of famous pornstars registered on the site but oftentimes very few American girls on cam. With that being said there is still a massive selection of sexy girls in live chat rooms at all times. Hence, most people won’t have any issues with finding someone to chat with that fits their preferences.

Area the site can improve:

However, it is fair to say that there are more European women here than American webcam girls. That also will affect the number of cam models who speak english


Notable Features of CamsSoda.com

  • Follow: You can follow your favorites and then they will be featured on your home screen the next time you login. As a long-time user now of this site I can tell you that this is a feature that makes the site more fun over time because models with your personal preferences are then showed to you as you follow more and more models.
  • Rate Up or Down: You can rate up or down and see what others users have said about each model.
  • Private Shows: There is a pink button that says ‘PRIVATE’. Before you commit you can see the costs for private shows from each perfomers.
  • Wide Variety of Payment methods: Check, wire, money order or online credit cards. They use both Epoch and SegPay and that does mean you can buy credits via PayPal using Epoch.
  • Voyeur House: One thing that sets CamSoda apart is the voyeur house on the home page where you can spy on girls on a house on live webcams. This feature has shrank and become less and less of a focal point for the site over the past year as more and more models have joined the site.
  • Full Screen Zoom: Let’s be honest, angles and up close shots are really important when it comes having an erotic webcam experience and CamSoda has done a fine job at building their zoom functionality.
  • Buy Snapchat or Content: Models sell their snapchat usernames and content here as well.
  • Token History: Kudos on how easy it is to track your spending with this feature.
  • Load Times on CamSoda: CamSoda is one of the fastest adult webcam sites online.


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What others sites are like CamSoda?

CamSoda stands on it’s own being that it’s a totally original platform. Therefore, you won’t find any clones or white labels of CamSoda; at least so far. However, from the aspect of the user experience they offer both Chaturbate (review at that link) and BongaCams.com (review at that link) are similiar. However, CamSoda does a far better job than both at making the experience feel private.

Is CamSoda.com legitimate site? Conclusion of our CamSoda.com reviews

Again, CamSoda presents itself as a freemieum site but offers the best of both worlds in that true premium private shows are available. The site doesn’t cost nearly as much on average as Flirt4Free (review at that link) nor LiveJasmin (review at that link) and for that reason we think of this site as one of the better values in live webcam entertainment for adult. Yes, CamSoda is still the new site on the block but over the past 1.5 years we’ve watched this site gain status and popularity as more and porn major American porn stars have started to choose to broadcast from here. In conclusion, it’s clear this adult webcam site is going to be among the top of the pack in coming years and we feel good about sharing CamSoda as a safe place for adult webcams chat.




Cams.com Reviews – Is This is Trusted Site?

Is Cams.com a Safe Live Sex Website?

How it measures up? This is our Cams.com consumer review and here we discuss the costs, prices, trustworthy factors and features in our detailed review of the live webcam sex site called Cams.com.In our cams.com reviews we cover costs and answer the question so many live webcam sites users want to know. Is it a scam? Or is Cams.com a legit safe sex webcam site?Cams.com

Find out the costs and extensive details on the live cam site below:

How much does Cams.com Cost?

First off I want to share our approach to sharing Cams.com reviews. We don’t bad talk other sites to try to convince you of using Cams.comOur role is sharing the information and not making a decision for you. Below is a screenshot of the REAL COSTS at Cams.com.

Therefore, all our reviews are uniform and share the same metrics. For all live webcam site reviews we provide the same types of information. The operator this site is called Streamray and the parent companies are FFN for FriendFinderNetworks. (Yes they also operate some of the largest dating sites in the world as well). The company was started by Andrew Conru, a genius some would say as far as predicting the late 90’s boom in the online dating industry and then building a well designed affiliate powered niche network of dating sites. Little did he know then that his adult niches and later cams.com site would be some of the most successful of the FriendFinderNetworks family of sites. Anyway, that is the back story. Today these sites are the worlds largest network of sites of their kind and he’s no longer involved on a daily basis…or at least as far as we know.

With that being said, let’s talk specifics about pricing and costs for sex webcam shows on cams.com. You can expect to pay somewhere in the ballpark of $3.29 to $4.00 per minute here. We should note that it totally depends on the model you decide to chat with. Realize that all models get to select the price per minute they charge. This of course means really what Cams.com does is provide a meeting place for adults to chat on webcams. You can of course stay in public areas and never spend even the initial $10.00 package you buy if you want. In free webcams chat you can talk to the models but of course you need to realize they are working and that they are not going to give you a totally free sex webcams experience, unless they are compensated for their time.

Let's REALLY take a look. After you get the FACTS you can decide.
What you need to know about cams.com in our review.

How many models are on Cams.com?

Last estimates of total amount of Cams.com models was around 48,000 registered but of course just a small percent stay active. Cams.com was one of the earliest sex cam chat sites to come about and as a result of having few competitors they rose to prominence. They have in recent years had many challenges including lots of personnel changes and a bankrupcty. With that being said the ship is stable still and they are still a leading site. Truth be told as you will read below even though their are lots of new sex cam sites; Cams.com still has one of the best overall user experiences and it rivals streamate.

Here is a screenshot of Cams.com welcome page so you can see more of what I am talking about. Note that it’s clutter free and the most important functions are easy to see. Navigaton is also made easy at cams.com.

We love the simple navigation.
We love the simple navigation. As you can see it is really quite easy to move about the site and find what you are looking for without having lots of clutter.


From the time you join this is what you will see. (Join page pictured). As noted below you get $15.00 in free credits when you decide to try out the site. However it is of course required that you buy a starter package. The packaged here are $10.00, $25.00, $50.00, and $100.00. They also give you 5 free recorded shows if you start with the $100.00 package. That is about a $15.00 value.

cams.com costs are outlined here for credits.
cams.com costs are outlined here for credits.

Notable Features of Cams.com:

  • Charges will appear on your credit card statement as “STREAMRAY.COM. Therefore nobody is able to tell you were chatting on live webcam sites.
  • Save favorites functions make it easy to keep a collection of your favorite webcam girls and each time you log in you can see which of your favorites it online. (but they cannot see you until you entier their room). This is very useful
  • The Zoom Function: Cams.com has always had one of the best zoom features of all live sex cam sites.

TIPS: Start with a lower cost package to make sure you like the overall site first. It has lots of strengths and just a few weaknesses. Their are about 400 models on at any given time though and they do offer a fair amount of American webcam girls. With that being said the vast majority of the sexy webcam girls are from places like Latvia, Romania, and as of recently Colombia.


Does Cams.com have a affiliate program?

Yes, Cams.com also has an affiliate program. If you are not familiar with what an adult webcam affiliate program is, it is merely a offering from the site to pay webmasters when they are able to send traffic to that specific sites. Likewise, you can learn more about that here.

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What others sites are like Cams.com?

Cams.com is a one of a kind live webcam site from the perspective of it having the cam girls that it offers; so you won’t find another site like cams.com unless it is a clone operated by cams.com. With that being said a few other sites do resemble it as far as having a clean and open user screen. Friends Live Chat (FriendsLiveChat.com) is a great alternative for example.

Is it a legitimate site? Conclusion of our Cams.com reviews:

I love using Cams.com but because it falls somewhere in the middle for the top 3 sex cam sites. Their new ‘Connexion℠ intimate experience’ is a neat new feature for 2016. Without that though, Cams.com is still a leading destination for adult webcam chat. As far as my conclusion on where it ranks; this is what I would say. The costs are middle of the road, perhaps a few cents on average higher than some adult cam chat sites, but having a better overall user experience for not near the cost of some of the more expensive webcam chat sites makes it one of my own favorite sites. Example: Sites like Flirt4Free (review at that link) are quite a bit more costly and unless your wealthy, cams.com is a top pick. However, sites like MaturesCams.com are actually a bit cheaper and for those on a tight budget they may want to try and compare both MaturesCams and Cams.com.


User Advice Tips: We also suggest you read our LiveJasmin (review at that link) and Streamate (review at that link) site information pages.