White Label Programs

We share how to create your own adult webcam site and we also compare the white label webcam programs below. If you are looking to create your own adult webcam site this is the place to get some insights from others who have used white label adult webcam programs in the past.

  • Get tips on how to make more money with white label adult webcam sites and the best strategies for driving traffic.
  • …and learn why white labels are in many cases for FOOLS!

First off let me share with you a wee bit of old wisdom. DO NOT LET YOUR EGO GET AHEAD OF INCOME. White labeling, is a fools game unless you are able to invest a VERY LARGE SUM TO BRAND YOUR SITE AND MAINTAIN LARGE TRAFFIC VOLUMES. These days nobody is loyal online and consumers do not trust white label sites. They have been duped one too many times. Who can blame them?

Smart webmasters, those who are at the top market established brands and then are able to convert at higher ratios using affiliate programs over white label programs. Ask the pro’s and they will tell you that is spot on. Why do you think the platforms love offering white labels? IT IS BECAUSE THEY KNOW THAT AT THE END OF THE DAY people will leave your white label once they realize what the underlining sites is that powers yours.

Sure, maybe the affiliate agreement protects you upon the initial registration but READ THE FINE PRINT. You think you have a lock on them but all it takes is one credit card issue and they get booted and have to register again, unless it’s on your site that is a NEW CUSTOMER of which you won’t earn affiliate income from. Then when that customer goes to sign up again, if they know who powers the site, they will go not to your white label but instead to the main site that powers your white label.

Now let me tell you what white labels are good for. PEOPLE WHO HAVE BUSINESSES THAT ALREADY GENERATE TRAFFIC. White labels are designed to monetize content. These days you will have VERY LITTLE, IF ANY SUCCESS WITH SERP’s because your content is not unique. Getting organic content from a white label is NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. Chances are you won’t even get any organic traffic. So my point is this, if you want to maximize ROI as an affiliate marketer in the adult space use a established platform brand and use their affiliate program and NOT A WHITE LABEL. Streamate is the best affiliate program. Learn why here (PLUS GET THE REGISTRATION INFORMATION).

Branding is a rich mans game. The registration for the Streamate affiliate program is here. Still think you have what it takes to build a adult webcam brand? OKAY, but don’t say I didn’t tell you before you are leaving money on the table, just so you can say you have your own site. (Of which you own nothing but a domain)

CamModels.com – Click here to create a site JUST LIKE THIS

So here are the top White Label Cam Programs.

1. Adult Webmaster Empire. – Best choice by a mile right now – START YOUR OWN WHITE LABEL.

2. CamPowers or Xcams is the new kid on the block and their program is located here.

3.  WebcamWiz powers ImLive and Sexier.com from pussycash and you can start your own sex cams site with them here.

4. You can create a site like chaturbate here.

However, as an affiliate marketer in adult webcams for years I can tell you right now the best program to make money with adult webcams is Streamate affiliate program, giving away free memberships on an already trusted brand. That program is here.

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