5 Most Popular Live Sex Models

Today we are delving into the world on live sex cams from the perspective of the top entertainers. These are the most popular cam girls on the planet who perform in live sex shows in all corners of the globe. Clearly, with more than 500,000 women registered as internet models there is much debate on the top cam girls.

However, what we did was just include women who perform HD live sex cams shows and limit the scope of our list to the most widely known cam girls on just the most famous live sex cams sites. Our goal was to showcase the leading live sex models.

List of the Most Famous Cam Girls

  1. If you are after some super eroticHD live sex AprilChase from Livejasmin has not just a exuberant and fun personality but the stunning moves to get your motor going.

AprilChase is one of the top live sex models.
2. Internet models don’t get much more beautiful than jullies27 nor do their HD sex cam shows get more graphic. Specializing in live fetish video chat and jerk off instruction, the performer has thousands of cam shows under her belt.

Known for fetish video chat jullies27 is a top cam girl.

3. In the world of sex cams no name is more synonymous with live orgasms than MiaWhite, which is remarkable considering she is just a 21 year old college girl masturbating for a living online.

Cam girl MiaWhite is among the most famous live sex models.

4. Known for incredibly naughty HD sex cams fantasy shows like role playing and even real live squirting orgasms, cam girl SkinnyBunnny is a favorite with millions of guys in all parts of the world.

SkinnyBunnny is a popular live sex model from LiveJasmin.

5. Glans on Streamate.com has become a sensation of sorts gaining hundreds of thosuands of fans since starting as a cam girl just over a year ago. She’s all of 20 years old but a star live sex model already!

Glans has become a live sex cam star in just over a year.

If you are looking for the most popular destinations for live HD sex online, considering checking out live hd sex cams. We’ve tried all the top HD sex cam sites and written reviews that details how each sites works here.

Streamate Customer Loyalty (REWARDS) Program

Even many advanced users of Streamate adult webcam chat site may not be aware of how the customer rewards program works. It is called REWARDS and each time you have a premium show you earn points based on the money spent. This tallies up over time and helps you reach the next level of Streamate REWARDS. Streamate rewards get more valuable as you progress up in levels. We are currently level 8 out of 10 levels. At our current level we regularly see a sizeable portion of the money we spend come back in the form of credits for future adult webcam shows.  Here is what appears on your screen when you click account

Streamate rewards - how it works!
Streamate rewards – how it works!

Streamate Rewards Level 8

“This program is designed to reward our valued customers for their usage and loyalty to our services. There are ten reward levels, Level 10 being the highest level that can be obtained. The rewards are issued as credits that can be used toward future usage. The amount of rewards increase with each level reached.” Review the “Discounts / Credits” section above to see you if have any available credits. (THIS APPEARS UNDER YOUR ACCOUNT TAB) 

When the REWARDS PROGRAM started

The Streamate Rewards Program started back in September of 2008. The more shows you buy the more you get back. The program is so lucrative that one you reach level 10, a full 10% of the money you spent is given back to you in rewards or free time for future shows.

The Streamate Rewards Levels

  • Rewards Level Requirements Discount
  • Rewards Level 1 At least a 2-minute session 3 different days 1%
  • Rewards Level 2 At least a 2-minute session 15 different days 2%
  • Rewards Level 3 At least a 2-minute session 30 different days 3%
  • Rewards Level 4 At least a 2-minute session 45 different days 4%
  • Rewards Level 5 At least a 2-minute session 60 different days 5%
  • Rewards Level 6 At least a 2-minute session 120 different days 6%
  • Rewards Level 7 At least a 2-minute session 180 different days 7%
  • Rewards Level 8 At least a 2-minute session 240 different days 8%
  • Rewards Level 9 At least a 2-minute session 300 different days 9%
  • Rewards Level 10 At least a 2-minute session 360 different days 10%


Streamate rewards is the best adult webcam customer loyalty program from the top site online for free live sex webcams; streamate. Also make sure to read our list of the Top 5 cam Sites!


Cold Weather Mean More People on Adult Webcams!

It’s adult webcams season! So for most people who hear this they would surely ask what does that mean?

Why People Use Adult webcams More in the Winter

As it turns out this time of year, October – March to be precise is when the adult webcam industry experiences the most users. As it turns out, the winter time when colder weather sets in in the United States and UK, people tend to retreat to more activities closer to home. Sexual patterns change as well. To be exact the adult webcam industry spikes about 30% between October and March and remains relatively high through the middle of April.

Colder weather means more people using adult webcam sites.
According to statistics, colder weather means more people using adult webcam sites.

Adult Webcams have grown in popularity a lot of recent years and according to the most recent statistics more than 1 in 10 males use sex webcams sites on a routine basis. Among females the usage is much lower with  just about 1 out of every 300. However, when looking at the make-up of those working on adult webcams the numbers are skewed in the opposite direction. More and more women freelance in the evenings, many who still work other full-time jobs in order to make ends meet or just make extra cash.

Adult Webcam News, What is that?

As a blogger that discusses adult webcam sites I find it interesting that there are not more public sources for consumers when it comes to cam sites for adults. Considering the massive volume of people that seek out private sexual entertainment on webcams one would think that more public information would be available about sites of this nature. We occasionally pass along interesting facts about adult webcam sites that we get from the industry representatives but much of that is hard to substantiate. We think over time the volume of information about adult webcam sites will grow offering people more places to get information about how sex cam sites work.

Our role though is in sharing information about which adult webcam sites are trustworthy and what the key differences are with respect to costs, features, and the like.

Here is a list of some of the recent sites that we have tested and tried before sharing publicly our experiences using these sites.


Or check out other recent live adult webcam reviews.

Live Adult Webcam Search Trends

These days their are a wealth of tools online to search and see what people are searching for, when they are searching for it, and what the trends are with those keywords searches over time. From Alexa.com to Google Trends you can learn a lot about any industry if you spent a little time looking into the related keywords. With that being said we were curious to see what the trends were with the worlds largest 3 adult live webcam sites. Sites that are arguably the most popular or most discussed. These 3 sites are:

1. LiveJasmin (LiveJasmin.com)

Read the streamate reviews or…visit-website

2. Streamate (Streamate.com)

Read the livejasmin reviews or …visit-website

3. ImLive (Imlive.com)

Read the imlive reviews or …visit-website

We also though went one step further by adding what we already knew were some tops search queries related to live webcams for adults. Those were, ‘live sex’ and ‘adult webcams’. We then compared the search volume for these terms versus the existing search trends over the same time frame to better gauge roughly what percentage of people were searching the very terms related to what they were find in the initial searches.

Check this out…

We took the two most searched terms and then compared searches for the top 3 most popular adult webcam sites.
We took the two most searched terms and then compared that to searches for the top 3 most popular adult webcam sites.

What’s the point you ask? PEOPLE WANT TO KNOW ABOUT THESE SITES. Just like we wanted to get more information on these sites when we first started using live webcam sites for adults. You can read more about our live webcam reviews on the about us page.

However, the whole point of sharing this post is so that you can see first hand why we felt compared to launch our adult live cam site review web site; sites like these are nearly mainstream these days but few people talk about their experiences using them.