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Memorial Day Signals Slow Season for Adult Webcams

Out came the bbq grills today and along with that webmasters everywhere realize, as the summer rolls in fewer people will be using live webcams for adults; at least that is until the end of the summer.

Summer dresses slow down webcam sex.
Summer dresses mean slowing down webcam sex sites.

As a matter of fact, each year around June 1st the adult webcams business sees a seasonal drop in usage. This is attributable to what one might call the ‘flower factor’. Once the flowers start blooming women are out and about more and dressing in more seasonal attire. In turn, men start to go out more to meet women. From there it should be pretty obvious what comes next; brutally true supply-side economics are at work.

Live Webcam Adult Entertainment Goes Mainstream.

Over the past decade, it would be easy to say that there has been some sort of techno-sexual revolution, but that’s not necessarily true. Men and yes some, but far fewer women have always consumed adult entertainment services for their own personal enjoyment, but it’s merely that adult webcams take the fantasy world one step further. Before live webcam sites for adults, there were recorded adult videos (and this market still exists, but just to a much, much smaller degree). There were also phone sex services and local strip clubs. However, both of these adult niche industries have taken a far back seat in the last couple of years as live webcam sites have caught on and become much more mainstream; something most people expect to continue to be the case in coming years.

What’s Next For Live Adult Webcam Sites?

What awaits us all over the horizon with respect to adult entertainment is impossible to predict, but the current discussions among those that make decisions about the direction of the industry seem to blend ways of driving user engagement around adult fantasies that take technology one step further. Whether that be ‘Big Brother’ style houses of live webcams with orgies broadcasting live or Oculus Rift-style virtual worlds, we will all have to just wait and see.

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