Streamate Customer Loyalty (REWARDS) Program

Even many advanced users of Streamate adult webcam chat sites may not be aware of how the customer rewards program works. It is called REWARDS and each time you have a premium show you earn points based on the money spent. This tallies up over time and helps you reach the next level of Streamate REWARDS. Streamate rewards get more valuable as you progress up in levels. We are currently level 8 out of 10 levels. At our current level, we regularly see a sizeable portion of the money we spend to come back in the form of credits for future adult webcam shows.  Here is what appears on your screen when you click account

Streamate rewards - how it works!
Streamate rewards – how it works!

Streamate Rewards Level 8

“This program is designed to reward our valued customers for their usage and loyalty to our services. There are ten reward levels, Level 10 being the highest level that can be obtained. The rewards are issued as credits that can be used toward future usage. The amount of rewards increase with each level reached.” Review the “Discounts / Credits” section above to see you if have any available credits. (THIS APPEARS UNDER YOUR ACCOUNT TAB) 

When the REWARDS PROGRAM started

The Streamate Rewards Program started back in September 2008. The more shows you buy the more you get back. The program is so lucrative that once you reach level 10, a full 10% of the money you spent is given back to you in rewards or free time for future shows.

The Streamate Rewards Levels

  • Rewards Level Requirements Discount
  • Rewards Level 1 At least a 2-minute session 3 different days 1%
  • Rewards Level 2 At least a 2-minute session 15 different days 2%
  • Rewards Level 3 At least a 2-minute session 30 different days 3%
  • Rewards Level 4 At least a 2-minute session 45 different days 4%
  • Rewards Level 5 At least a 2-minute session 60 different days 5%
  • Rewards Level 6 At least a 2-minute session 120 different days 6%
  • Rewards Level 7 At least a 2-minute session 180 different days 7%
  • Rewards Level 8 At least a 2-minute session 240 different days 8%
  • Rewards Level 9 At least a 2-minute session 300 different days 9%
  • Rewards Level 10 At least a 2-minute session 360 different days 10%


Streamate rewards are the best adult webcam customer loyalty program from the top site online for free live sex webcams; streamate. Also, make sure to read our list of the Top 5 cam Sites!

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