Cold Weather Mean More People on Adult Webcams!

It’s adult webcams season! So for most people who hear this they would surely ask what does that mean?

Why People Use Adult webcams More in the Winter

As it turns out this time of year, October – March to be precise is when the adult webcam industry experiences the most users. As it turns out, the winter time when colder weather sets in in the United States and UK, people tend to retreat to more activities closer to home. Sexual patterns change as well. To be exact the adult webcam industry spikes about 30% between October and March and remains relatively high through the middle of April.

Colder weather means more people using adult webcam sites.
According to statistics, colder weather means more people using adult webcam sites.

Adult Webcams have grown in popularity a lot of recent years and according to the most recent statistics more than 1 in 10 males use sex webcams sites on a routine basis. Among females the usage is much lower with  just about 1 out of every 300. However, when looking at the make-up of those working on adult webcams the numbers are skewed in the opposite direction. More and more women freelance in the evenings, many who still work other full-time jobs in order to make ends meet or just make extra cash.

Adult Webcam News, What is that?

As a blogger that discusses adult webcam sites I find it interesting that there are not more public sources for consumers when it comes to cam sites for adults. Considering the massive volume of people that seek out private sexual entertainment on webcams one would think that more public information would be available about sites of this nature. We occasionally pass along interesting facts about adult webcam sites that we get from the industry representatives but much of that is hard to substantiate. We think over time the volume of information about adult webcam sites will grow offering people more places to get information about how sex cam sites work.

Our role though is in sharing information about which adult webcam sites are trustworthy and what the key differences are with respect to costs, features, and the like.

Here is a list of some of the recent sites that we have tested and tried before sharing publicly our experiences using these sites.


Or check out other recent live adult webcam reviews. Reviews, Is it Really Free?

It’s no secret why chose a brand name with the words free webcams, but to answer the common question. not this is not a totally free adult webcams site. Likewise, yes a credit card is required. Having gotten that initial question out of the way lets discuss how works and where it ranks in the top sex chat sites.  One caveat unfortunately at the current time we can’t top rank this site because of a very poor selection; in clear terms the site lacks models. Yes there are a handful but not near enough to keep a user happy for very long.

Our Test and Reviews for

FreeWebcams is a very well backed but still relative new, adult webcam chat site. That being said when the site launched a few years ago they had a deep reservoir of affiliates that helped them leverage lots of traffic; at least initially. Therefore at launch they simultaneously hired models by the hour to ensure they had enough entertainers and strived to build relationships with Romanian and Latin American adult webcam studios to get those performers online as well. Nieth at least so far has been able to secure them enough models to make the site selection reasonable. Their base on American models expanded by word of mouth, but those models are more often than not on other sites. There is 1 thing that we should mention that really stands out at This site and ImLive (review at that link) are perhaps the best mobile adult webcams sites. While is a great site from a functional standpoint, they still drastically suffer with not having enough of a selection of American webcam models.

How much do adult webcam shows cost at


Average price per minute at was $4.10. We came up with that figure by simply having four separate 3 minute shows with models at this site then dividing the sum to come out with an average. This estimated cost is just that; an average using a sample of performers.visit-website

Screenshot of

How many models are on FreeWebcams

Free Webcams ( now has more over 4,300 models registered but we estimate that less than 1% of those are active and usually no more than 25 are online at once. Unfortunately it’s not worth using this site at this time due to the lack of models at the site. It’s just that simple. Heard enough? Try the top adult webcam sites.

Shortcut: Looking for the most popular American adult webcam site? It’s

Area the site can improve:

Using the term ‘free webcams’ was clearly pretty smart and it’s a term that many guys search. Millions every month actually. The problem we see with that is people come to this site expecting to find totally free adult webcams and that is simply not what is offered here. Sure, you can register free and see webcams but you can’t have the experience that one would expect with the name being used. Besides focusing on getting more American girls who speak clear English might want to consider using a co-brand to establish some brand value; after all adult webcams is a service that people are willing to pay for. Something that set the service apart that is on offer might over time help them instill more value in the underlining service offered; premium webcams for adults.


Notable Features at

  • Search: This site offers a very intuitive search function that is among the best in the space.
  • History: FreeWebcams makes it super easy to find the shows you just had and store these performers names for later shows.
  • Load Times: FreeWebcams is one of the quickest loading adult webcam sites.
  • Mobile User Experience: As we mentioned before you will find the ability to use adult webcams on iPhones and Android powered tablets and mobile phones a breeze on, but that simply does not overcome the issue they have with a small, small selection.


Just like traffic signals, green means go, red means stop and return to the main live webcam reviews
KEY: Green = Go & Red = Stop

What others sites are like

This is a 100% original and totally proprietary adult webcam site. There are no other sites like I should also add that as far as user experience for private shows, clearly outdoes Chaturbate (review at that link) and (review at that link) but the problem remains there are too few models here.

Conclusion of our reviews

While no site including offers totally free adult webcams, FreeWebcams does offer a solid value and good user experience if they can start to get more models on the site. In particular this site excels in the area of mobile. That being said we have to suggest LiveJasmin (review at that link) and Streamate (review at that link) simply because of the lack of models at The latter two sites offer a far better value because there is not enough a selection of performers at That may not always be the case, but for now is a pass for us.