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Is a SCAM?

Costs, Features, and more for is a copy of the site we identify below. I suggest you stick to the main site when you register. is a copy of the site we identify below. I suggest you stick to the main site when you register.

How much does Cost?

First off I want to share our approach to sharing reviews. We don’t bad talk other sites to try to convince you of using

Our role is sharing the information and not making a decision for you. Therefore all our reviews are uniform and share the same metrics. For all live webcam site reviews we provide the same types of information.

Perhaps you heard of this live webcam site on Facebook or Twitter.
Perhaps you heard of this live webcam site on Facebook or Twitter.

You are here to see if is safe, secure, and trustworthy. You also probably want to know more about the basics functionality of as well as what this particular live webcam site offers as far as features. Rather than a collection of generalizations, that is exactly what you will find here at Live Webcam Reviews. So let’s talk about costs and prices to use .

So let’s get down to business. First off, is often discussed among models via Twitter and Facebook when they market to men, women, and couples to share their show pages. However, the fact is that this is merely a copy of the original site that we reviews here. It is called

As far a show prices they are not free but two way chatting is free. You can see A LOT and I really MEAN A LOT here for free. You can use the site totally free as well. The only thing that does cost money is getting a private show or using the shared Gold Shows. The private shows average about $2.50 USD a minute. The gold shows are flat fee and average about 5 bucks. It’s perhaps the lowest priced live webcam site only and that explains why they have millions of satisfied users in all corners of the world but again it’s not best to join at this url.

HOWEVER, I HIGHLY SUGGEST YOU STICK TO THE ORIGINAL SITE AND JOIN THROUGH STREAMATE,  IT MAKES NO SENSE TO JOIN A COPY or rather an affiliate version of the main site. I always stick the main sites myself in case the affiliate owner of the other url ever moves the content at the domain, this avoids future hassles.visit-website

Let's REALLY take a look. After you get the FACTS you can decide.
The FACTS you can decide.


How many models are on ?

You will find approximately 17k – 24k models at as well as many pornstars. Truth be told there are more American sex cam models here (at the parent site) too which included women that do this part time and really have no experience being strippers per say. Most guys prefer that. As I have said on our adult webcam site reviews please do keep in mind the numbers do fluctuate according to the time of year and time of day as well as if any inducements are being offered by competing sites. The numbers don’t vary much over the short term but as you will read on the about us page, we do update the live webcam reviews and rankings when their is a major shift in the entertainers from one site to another.visit-website

How can I become a model on ?

We do not handle any of that but we can suggest a great place to get started that is professional and has hundreds of cam models under management. You can learn more on that issue here. CamModels is talked about thousands of times a day on Twitter, Facebook, and Google which helps promote the platform but again realize the platform main brand is that which we shared below. That is also the main hub to join at as a user. If you want to model though there use the link here.

Does have a white label program? white label sites are not offered. We suggest this program here for webmasters looking to start their own adult cam site.

Does have a affiliate program?

The affiliate program is only available under the main brand bu they have what most affiliate marketers consider to be the very best adult webcam affiliate program online and you can register for that program here.

Just like traffic signals, green means go, red means stop and return to the main live webcam reviews
KEY: Green = Go & Red = Stop


What others sites are like ?

Since it is a copy of Streamate, there are in fact large numbers of these copies out there. Stick to the original being and you can’t go wrong.

Is it a legitimate site? Conclusion of our  reviews:

As we said the in the reviews for the site that powers this; the original live webcam platform, features and cost wise there is no better adult webcam experience to be had on the internet. Once you join and verify you can stay in the free live webcams section and never spend a nickel, or you can have thousands of women, men, or couples entertain you. That is your decision. However, what makes this live adult webcams site and overall platform great is the fact that there are no tricks and you will not get any surprises on your bank statement! My favorite overall site and I have used Streamate for years now.


Live Adult Webcam Search Trends

These days their are a wealth of tools online to search and see what people are searching for, when they are searching for it, and what the trends are with those keywords searches over time. From to Google Trends you can learn a lot about any industry if you spent a little time looking into the related keywords. With that being said we were curious to see what the trends were with the worlds largest 3 adult live webcam sites. Sites that are arguably the most popular or most discussed. These 3 sites are:

1. LiveJasmin (

Read the streamate reviews or…visit-website

2. Streamate (

Read the livejasmin reviews or …visit-website

3. ImLive (

Read the imlive reviews or …visit-website

We also though went one step further by adding what we already knew were some tops search queries related to live webcams for adults. Those were, ‘live sex’ and ‘adult webcams’. We then compared the search volume for these terms versus the existing search trends over the same time frame to better gauge roughly what percentage of people were searching the very terms related to what they were find in the initial searches.

Check this out…

We took the two most searched terms and then compared searches for the top 3 most popular adult webcam sites.
We took the two most searched terms and then compared that to searches for the top 3 most popular adult webcam sites.

What’s the point you ask? PEOPLE WANT TO KNOW ABOUT THESE SITES. Just like we wanted to get more information on these sites when we first started using live webcam sites for adults. You can read more about our live webcam reviews on the about us page.

However, the whole point of sharing this post is so that you can see first hand why we felt compared to launch our adult live cam site review web site; sites like these are nearly mainstream these days but few people talk about their experiences using them.