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2.40 - 3.60 per minute on average

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On November 28, 2014
Last modified:July 5, 2016


Zuzanalive.com is a live webcams site with a diverse selection of models at reasonable prices. See the full zuzanalive.com reviews reviews below and share your own experiences.

Is ZuzanaLive.com a SCAM?

Zuzanalive, safe adult webcam site or not? FIND OUT...
Zuzanalive, safe adult webcam site or not?

In our ZuzanaLive reviews we discuss costs and answer the questions so many live webcam sites users want to know. Is ZuzanaLive a scam? Find out the costs and extensive details on the live cam site called ZuzanaLive on this review.

How much does ZuzanaLive Cost?

First off I want to share our approach to sharing ZuzanaLive.com reviews. We don’t bad talk other sites to try to convince you to any particular site. Instead you should feel comfortable in knowing that we realize our role is merely sharing the information and not making a decision for you. Below is a screenshot of the registrations process at ZuzannaLive. Underneath that image we discuss the show prices on this website. As you can see from the image, the site requires you to choose a username, a password, and simply input your email to get started. From there you get a fast reply email that is intended to verify your identity. After you click on that link in your email you are all set and ready to start using ZuzanaLive. It is very fast and easy to get started, so that was nice.

Zuzanalive registrations process.
Zuzanalive registrations process.

Again, since all our reviews are uniform and share the same metrics we will not talk prices for shows at this site. When we tried ZuzanaLive we signed up and then tried out three of the models all of which we saw featured on the home page. See the screenshot below for the home page of ZuzannaLive.com. The prices we experienced ranged from about $2.40 a minute to $3.60. and we felt that the value was good and the level of model engagement excellent. These average live webcam show cost were deduced based on the average model price divided by the cost of the credits package we were using. Sometime at all live cam site you do run across a few lazy models but we had a good luck of the draw in our experiences. SUGGESTION: Read our Chaturbate.com reviews before you join this site.

Here are the package prices of this site… (screenshot)

screenshot with prices of shows at ZuzanaLive.com
screenshot with prices of shows at ZuzanaLive.com

TIP: If you ever get a model that becomes unresponsive at any cam site, merely exit the show and choose another. Another thing that makes this site great is the fact that you can engage with the models a bit before you make any decisions on which ones to go private with.

Home page of ZuzanaLive.com. This review details our experiences researching and using this adult webcam site.
Home page of ZuzanaLive.com. This review details our experiences researching and using this adult webcam site.


Let's REALLY take a look. After you get the FACTS you can decide.
Just the FACTS on Live Jasmin so you can decide.

How many models are on ZuzanaLive?

ZuzanaLive boasts more models than one can possibly see over a lifetime of using sex webcams. However, if you are curious their are some 5,000 live webcam girls / webcam performers that appear on this site at different times. Of course more models are performing in the evening hours, but because they have so many models you are always apt to see a whole bunch of new faces. That being said the robust functionality of the site gives the user the ability to easily keep track on past models; models whom they have had private shows with and want to reconnect with. This helps you save lots of time in trying to recall a models name who you really enjoyed but may not have bookmarked. You can also check your live webcam chat history to easily hop back to these past shows that you really liked.

Also, an important element of the Zuzanalive reviews, besides the costs and features aspect is checking to see if there are in fact other sites that are similar to ZuzanaLive.com. Let’s address that next…

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What others sites are like ZuzanaLive?

The elements that make this site unique are in fact totally original to this particular website; a nice escape from so many other live adult webcam sites that are merely copy cats of a main brand platform. So as best we could tell this is an original site and their are no other live webcam sites that are identical to Zuzanalive.

Is it a legitimate site? Conclusion of our ZuzanaLive.com reviews:

I found ZuzanaLive to be a great experience, a site that dealt fairly, disclosed all the costs adequately, and provided an excellent selection of live webcam performers. I would have no issue at all suggesting to our readers to give this site a try. One thing in particular that I REALLY LIKED was the clean and clear home page that made navigation a breeze; overall a good find on the world of live sex cam sites! You can visit the site below or read our other live webcam reviews.