Scams is a REALLY strong word that we reserve for live webcam sites that truly rip people off. There are fewer and fewer of these sites these days because of how lucrative a legitimate adult webcam business can be. However, these 4 live webcam sites made our LEAST FAVORITE LIST.

They are live webcam sites for adult that have failed to keep up with the latest consumers demands and lag as far as either site loads times, overall customer values, customer service, or selection.

Editors Least Favorite Live Webcam Sites.

Avoid these live webcam sites which while they may not be outright scams they provide the least value for your money.
Avoid these live webcam sites which while they may not be outright scams they provide the least value for your money.


Worst Adult Webcam Sites

Worst-overall – Chaturbate:

Why: Chaturbate is all about a total sex free for all, it gives off the impression that your part of a room full of dogs that has no money and wants to stand around and beg for freebies. People that are not registered on Chaturbate are called greys and they make up about 70% of the people at this site. It’s just a very low quality user experience overall. 

Suggested alternative: – (Cheaper adult webcams, way, way way better deal for real private 1-on-1 sex cam shows!) My personal favorite site, second to Streamate. After you experience any of the Worst Adult Webcam Sites, these two will blow your time.

2nd worst – Camster:

Why: Camster is what aol is to Gmail, antiquates and totally dated. It’s a dusty mess with models and customers that have far too much time on their hands. Clucky, junky, and not worth your time at all! I hated this site the first time I used it and still rank it among the Worst Adult Webcam Sites.

Suggested alternative: Flirt4Free (far superior overall user experiance, 10 times the amount of models, and MUCH FASTER LOADING!)

3rd worst – Icams:

Why: Another dysfunctional adult webcam site with too few models compared to the REALLY high prices. This site is a pass all the way around. iCams is a adult webcam site operated by same ownership as adult friend finder, which is not a reputation you want to be associated with if you just want clear cut, trusted adult webcam entertainment. Our alternative provides users better pricing and more models than iCams.  

Suggested alternative: (At least 4 times the size and more new webcam girls, faster mobile adult webcam experience and more transparent and easy to understand prices; prices that are lower as well.) 

4th on the list of bad adult webcam sites is CamContacts:

Why: CamContacts is a site many affiliate marketers say great things about but in reality they are looking for a big payout as this company pays them a bounty to refer users. The truth is the site has far too few models and charges you up from for credits that are among the highest priced packages in the adult webcams industry. It’s a total scam how they charge you and should be avoided at all costs!

Suggested alternative: Streamate (reasonable prices, better selection, and pay as you go!)

FAVORITES LIST IS HERE visit that link for the best values!