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$3.00 - $5.00 per minute. This does widely vary. Average lands about $2.45

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On January 6, 2015
Last modified:May 26, 2015


Gay live webcams from streamate, a site dedicated to gay men on webcams. In the full reviews below we share the highlights of the platform. This is green light site as well.

Is GayLiveWebcams.TV a SCAM?

How does gay live webcam tv stack up?
How does gay live webcam tv stack up?

The big question people want to know when it comes to cam sites it if the site is a scam. This is a top ranked gay webcam site that we are looking at today. It is called GayLiveWebcams.TV. So let’s dive in…

How much does GayLiveWebcams.TV Cost?

First off I want to share our approach to sharing GayLiveWebcams.TV reviews. We don’t bad talk other sites to try to convince you of using GayLiveWebcams.TV. Our role is sharing the information and not making a decision for you. Therefore all our reviews are uniform and share the same metrics. For all live webcam site reviews we provide the same types of information. You are here to see if GayLiveWebcams.TV is safe, secure, and trustworthy.

We discuss the top gay live webcam site www.GayLiveWebcams.TV
We discuss the top gay live webcam site www.GayLiveWebcams.TV

You also probably want to know more about the basics functionality of GayLiveWebcams.TV as well as what this particular live webcam site offers as far as features. Rather than a collection of generalizations, that is exactly what you will find here at Live Webcam Reviews. So let’s talk about costs and prices at GayLiveWebcam.TV

EXPECT TO PAY ON AVERAGE $2-$4 PER MINUTE FOR PRIVATE SHOWS. However, once you verify age and leave a card on file here you can get a free live webcam membership which means you never have to pay a dime unless you decide to. Public chat once logged in in in fact totally free!

Let's REALLY take a look. After you get the FACTS you can decide.
The FACTS on Gay Live Webcam TV so you can decide.


How many models are on GayLiveWebcams.TV?

You will find approximately 3,500 gay internet models on GayLiveWebcams.TV. However, high season is the colder times of year which means more users are on the site and that in turns drives more models on. With gay live webcam sites the truth is there are a lot fewer models but that number still is in the tens of thousands. Small though when stacked against a few million women who do internet modeling on and off.

How can I become a model on GayLiveWebcams.TV?

Becoming a gay webcam site model is quite easy to be honest. Just be over the age of 18 and make sure to have a solid internet connection and you will be golden. The gay webcam model sign-up page is here for this site.

Does GayLiveWebcams.TV have a white label program?

No you cannot set up a white label gay cams site here but you can here.

Does GayLiveWebcam.TV have a affiliate program?

Yes, GayLiveWebcams.TV also has an affiliate program which is offered at!

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What others sites are like GayLiveWebcams.TV?

GayLiveWebcamsTV is operated in a partnership with a major site called Streamate has the same models at GayLiveWebcams.TV. It is a gay version of streamate where gay men do not have to stare at naked women each time they use live webcams! Something gay men prefer I might add. 🙂

Is it a legitimate site? Conclusion of our GayLiveWebcams.TV reviews:

A pay as you go model with one of the largest populations of models found anywhere on the worldwide web coupled with more actual English speaking models makes this a top site. The clear and fair payment system that does not require prepaid packages is also a huge selling point and reason to choose this site!

So we would give this gay cam site a clear pass.